Who are we ?

RBB Luxembourg is an accounting and consulting company, registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. RBB Luxembourg is a member of the RBB Group. RBB Luxembourg offers all fiduciary services, as well as the services of independent directors, statutory auditors, tax advisers, due diligence and transaction support, particularly for Luxembourg and French companies in cross-border transactions. RBB International, an alliance of auditing and consulting firms, assists you in the main European countries, North America and North Africa. Our desire is to accompany you, in a secure environment, to advise you for your best interests.

Our skills

30 years of expertise
RBB Group is a global player in audit and consulting. Acting through RBB International in 14 countries, we have developed a strong expertise in transactions between France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in terms of structuring, taxation and accounting
Our core business for more than 20 years is serving international groups based in Europe. RBB International will support your international operations in more than 14 countries
We support many technology companies, from early stage companies to late stage, we know how to adapt through our various service lines, tax structuring, business modeling, fundraising and government grants, M & A operations ...

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is one of the world's leading financial markets thanks to the establishment of a favorable climate for business development, a first-class financial rating (AAA) and recognized expertise:
Unique location
Central location in Europe and multilingualism (three official national languages ​​and a widespread practice of English)
European hub
Cofounder  of the European Union, hosting the seats of several European institutions (European Court of Justice, European Court of Auditors, European Investment Bank, etc.)
Local affinities
Bordering, Belgium, France and Germany, member of BENELUX and several international organizations
financial experts
Quality Banking and Financial Fabric: Second in the World for Money Management
easy investments processes
Incentives for foreign investors and public support schemes for business creation
Easy legal processes
Moderate tax pressure and high institutional and legislative stability
dialogue with authorities
Simplicity and operational flexibility, modernity and flexibility of company law accessibility of administrative authorities
Digitalization of the economy and administrative relations


Thierry Bretout

CO of RBB Business advisors
Managing partners of RBB Luxembourg

Media and IT expert, Thierry mostly works on consulting and structuration missions.Thierry is also a formely CRCC deputy , a currently CNCC deputy and special animator of « Cap sur le numérique ».

Jean-Baptiste Bonnefoux

managing parnter of RBB Luxembourg

After having founded a web agency in 1997 and spent 12 years with Ernst & Young Audit, of which 5 years in Capital Markets department, Jean-Baptiste joined RBB in 2011 as a partner and was appointed as COO in 2014. With a degree in chartered accounting and auditing, Jean-Baptiste manages RBB audit department as well as transaction services (due diligence...) line. Jean-Baptiste has an extensive practice of hi-tech, telcos, web and software companies.

Our services

We essentially support international clients acting operating cross-border. Our team is composed of experienced employees bound by professional secrecy
We can carry out contractual audits, financial due diligences, business plan reviews… in accordance with different audit rules (especially ISA) and differents standards (US GAAP, IFRS, Lux GAAP, French GAAP…). Members of our network RBB international in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and the US are available to assist you. Thanks to our international alliance, we can gather teams in 14 countries, with 285 employees and 44 partners.
We have a recognized practice in financial statements’s conversion from local standards to group reports, especially conversions in local GAAP, IFRS, UK GAAP, French GAAP & US GAAP. We can also assist you in order to structure financial reports to your parent company. Our alliance RBB international enables you to have one contact point acting in major European jurisdictions, North America and North Africa.
We manage accounting, administrative and tax filings for your companies, in a total compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
We also offer company domiciliation, payroll, commissioneer and directorship services.
We assist you, in cooperation with a local law firm, for the set up in Luxembourg, the choice of the legal form and the tax regime, the incorporation process and the delivery of a business licence. We have developed a specific expertise in cross-border operations between France and the Luxembourg.
We may assist you for the following assignments:
• Filing of tax returns
• Analysing your situation and identifying available scenarii
• Structuring investments and equity transactions
• Implementing and monitoring a transfer pricing policy
• Managing the relationships with tax authorities (audits, ruling applications)
• Assisting you for international taxation matters in major European jurisdictions, North America and North Africa, thanks to our presence in Paris since 1982 and our international alliance RBB International.
We go far beyond classical services (accounting, tax consultancy, subsidies, fund raising) since, through RBB Lab and RBB Accelerator, we can help you business modeling your project and testing your IT, SEO and applications


According to Article 458 of the Luxembourg Penal Code, any person who, in the course of his profession, detains and discloses a professional secret, is liable to a sentence of eight days to six months' imprisonment and a fine. As Accountants we are subject to professional secrecy. In the fight against money laundering and the financing of illegal activities, our firm acts in accordance with the European directives in force. We respect our duty of discretion and confidentiality.

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